How enterprises can reduce operational spending while continuing to innovate?

In the current face of digital disruptions and continuously changing customer preferences, speed and agility fuel successful innovation. While companies are adopting new innovation strategies to stay relevant, they are not able to identify the right ideas and thus lack visibility into innovation projects.

Winnovate is the only cloud-first, mobile-first scalable solution that removes unnecessary friction from innovation management processes.

Get the most out of your Innovation Projects

Maximize ROI

Quantify the impact of innovation projects and maximize returns with unmatched visibility into costs

Accelerate Time-to-market

Stay ahead of customer demands by decreasing the ideation-implementation-value span

Reduce OpEx

Cut down on costs of manually tracking and managing the innovation portfolio

Here is how WinWire helps you accelerate time to market with Winnovate

With anytime, anywhere approach to innovation, Winnovate is designed specifically to capitalize on the impact of innovation programs and accelerate time-to-value. It consolidates data from legacy transactional systems of records into a single collaborative system of engagement.

The solution imports real-time data from virtually any data source to a customizable data warehouse utilizing pre-built data connectors.


Anytime, anywhere approach to innovation



Drive operational and execution excellence



Actionable information drives better decisions


Winnovate is the only cloud-first, mobile-first solution designed from the ground up to maximize the value and ROI of your innovation investments.

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