The ability to develop intriguing applications that offer the right content at the right time to support business processes is essential for successful digital transformation. With traditional systems, organizations invest heavily to develop a custom-built application from scratch that can be time-consuming.

WinWire’s Common Application Development Framework (WinCADF) provides an end-to-end solution to build, deploy a cloud-ready web application within minutes. View our on-demand session to learn how the Framework will enable rapid application development with several pre-built components such as database access, exception handling, key vault access, file management, and email functionality. You will learn

  • Overview of WinCADF
  • Methodology to build a modern application architecture and standard coding practices.
  • Importance to security and its implementation using Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Graph API
  • How pre-configured templates help to create the required infrastructure and Azure DevOps Pipelines for deployment using Azure Kubernetes Services.

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