Microsoft Inspire every year is all about learning Microsoft’s technology roadmap and allows partners like us to network, build connections, and come back with ideas, enthusiasm, and new business opportunities.

The exclusive partner conference also recognizes partners who have gone above and beyond. At this year’s all-digital conference on July 14-15, Microsoft recognized WinWire as Finalists for the Global Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021 Awards in the following two categories

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Not just this, WinWire is also recognized as a   Winner for the 2021 MSUS Partner Award in Healthcare. These recognitions reflect our proven leadership in customer impact, solution innovation, deployment, and exceptional use of advanced features in Microsoft technologies.

The past year amidst COVID-19 has made it clear that ongoing digital transformation is essential to the success of any organization. And at the heart of the digital transformation is the Microsoft cloud. It is Microsoft cloud that is empowering customers to build more transformative, agile, and resilient organizations. Microsoft announced that it would continue to focus on empowering employees, engaging customers, optimizing operations, and highlights the fact that   Digital technology will be key to resilience and transformation. 


Top Announcements from Microsoft Inspire 2021

Azure Updates

  • Azure API Management Integration: The API Management integration with Azure Event Grid is now in preview. With this capability, customers can effortlessly configure API Management to publish events to Event Grid when a new user or a new subscription is created in an API Management resource.


  • Azure Migration and Modernization Program: There is also an expansion of Azure Migration Programs, Microsoft will be extending security updates to streamline and simplify migration and modernization. The program now covers a wider breadth of migration and modernization offerings across apps, infrastructure and data, including support for Azure Arc. In addition, on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server customers looking to migrate and modernize can take advantage of the extension of free extended security updates for Windows Server 2012/R2 and SQL Server 2012.


  • Azure Kubernetes Service: A preview of Azure Kubernetes (AKS) as an event source for Azure Event Grid is now available. Azure event grid allows users to easily build apps with event-based architectures by subscribing to events.



  • Unveiling Azure Virtual Desktop: Windows virtual desktop is now rebranded its virtual desktop infrastructure platform under the Azure name and announced new security and management capabilities under preview.


  • Azure Applied AI Services: Azure AI services will now come under a new brand Azure Applied AI services, which will encompass Azure cognitive search, Azure form recognizer and Azure immersive reader, in addition to newer offerings like Azure Bot service, Azure metrics advisor and Azure video analyzer. The reorganization is intended to make it easier for customers to find solutions to common processes.

Azure Applied AI Services

Source: Microsoft

  • Azure Synapse: The partners in the Azure Synapse environment can now include their solution directly in a new partner center, which can be easily accessed from the Synapse studio. The capability is open for all users performing projects within a Synapse workplace, allowing users to further explore independent software vendor (ISV) to their analytics ecosystem.


  • Azure Stack HCI: Partners will be offered a new program and marketing assets to showcase technical capability and highlight the value of Azure Stack HCI – a cloud connected hyperconverged operating system, delivered as an Azure service. There are multiple enhancements that includes a simplified guest licensing activation and enhanced infrastructure security.


  • Azure IoT Solutions: Partners will now have an opportunity to create, deploy, and sell new Azure IoT solutions to help their customers optimize their physical assets and unlock their transformative value. The opportunities will lie in Metaverse, where partners can seamlessly map physical infrastructure with digital twins.

Metaverse Solutions

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

A new cloud offering that will help customers, across all industries, to meet their carbon reduction and sustainability goals. It will be available in preview later this year to enable organizations to record, report and reduce their emissions on a path to net zero. Microsoft will build specialized industry-specific applications, data sources and emissions data connectors so customers can more easily invest in and achieve their sustainability goals.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Source: Microsoft

Every industry is undergoing a sustainable digital transformation. We see financial services customers using data and AI to assess their progress, Manufacturing industry is moving from smart assets to smart factories to digital twins of their entire operations, enabling real-time optimization and unlocking new data-driven insights to cut carbon across their operations and supply chains. Retail companies are taking their supply chain management and tracking the carbon footprint of their products to reduce emissions and deliver purpose-driven products to customers.

Access Dynamics 365 Data Within Microsoft Teams & Collaborative Apps 

After scaling to meet unprecedented demand during COVID-19, the tech giant has launched a steady stream of new features in Microsoft Teams to empower customers and bring people together virtually from anywhere and everywhere.

All Microsoft Teams customers will now receive access to   Dynamics 365 data in Teams   at no extra cost. The integration will elevate productivity for customers and eliminate silos between collaboration and business process. The no-cost data access will offer the flexibility for organizations to determine when and how they to purchase Dynamics 365.

In addition to the Teams integration with the new Dynamics 365 integration, Teams will also be welcoming new collaborative apps from partners including Atlassian Confluence, SAP C4C, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workday.

Collaborative Apps

Source: Microsoft

New Integrations with Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva, which brings together an integrated employee experience that combines communications, learning, well-being and knowledge directly within the flow of work. Viva has added new integrations with more than 20 partners, through this integration customer would be able to effortlessly connect to the systems and tools their employees use every day right in the flow of Viva experiences.

Window 365 Unveiled – A Cloud PC Platform

Windows 365 has debuted to offer an all-new way to access a full-fledged Windows operating system from anywhere — using a desktop, laptop, or even a mobile device. The new offering brings the concept of a cloud PC to reality and comes as Microsoft’s latest product for the remote working environment that became so common with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

The creation of the Cloud PC follows other products and services to the cloud, from Windows Server on Azure to the suite of Microsoft Office productivity applications in Microsoft 365.

Window 365

New Azure Advanced Specialization

There will be two new advanced specializations such as Hybrid Operations and Management with Microsoft Azure Arc and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

Microsoft Partner Network members can gain more visibility with Microsoft sellers and customers, along with new financial incentives and access to Azure business programs, through achieving the new advanced specializations.  Partners that earn the Hybrid Operations specialization can use Azure Arc to enable management at scale and development operations (DevOps) across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Whereas the new Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure specialization shows customers that a partner can use Azure Stack HCI to deploy hyper-converged infrastructure on-premises.

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As you can see, Microsoft had a lot to share this year, and we have a lot to learn and be excited about. It has been a fascinating year for us, with multiple recognitions from Microsoft and it validates our prowess in driving innovation and our success in achieving our mission to help clients gain competitive advantage through innovative software solutions.

To maximize the benefits of the newest technology innovations announced at Microsoft Inspire 2021, it requires the help of experts. WinWire is a data-driven digital engineering company that supports enterprises across Healthcare, Retail, Hi-Tech, and Manufacturing, and several other industry domains navigating their digital transformation journey.

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