Deliver a true elastic cloud computation and storage

The rise of advanced analytics and cloud-based infrastructure are combining customer data in a data warehouse (DW) to deliver relevant, timely, and reliable experiences. Snowflake and WinWire can expedite this process and shift the focus from maintaining data loading and storage infrastructure to build data-driven solutions on the cloud. Through this partnership, customers can aggregate all sources of client data into a single source for easy accessibility that provides a 360-degree view of data to attain actionable insights and reduce operational cost.

Unlock the Power of data-driven decisions and cloud with WinWire and Snowflake

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud and is delivered as a service. Snowflake has a distinctive architecture which separates storage from compute, resulting in rapid scalability. Snowflake’s approach to data warehousing allows you to focus on delivering key business insights rather than maintaining the infrastructure. Together, WinWire and Snowflake deliver a powerful solution that provides real-time access to data that automates the design, implementation, and updates to a data warehouse built on the cloud.

The Analytics Platform Built for the Cloud

Seamless Data Sharing

Modernizing Data Integration Architecture

Simplified Data-driven Customer Journey

Multi-Cloud Service & Migration

Simplify and Accelerate Your Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Envisioning session

Envisioning & planning session to learn how we are helping customers identify use cases and build solutions to create a competitive advantage

Data Warehouse Modernization

Define your modernization path by leveraging DW augmentation, automation, and optimization

Proof of Concept

Collaborate and evaluate to solve real business challenges. This controlled pilot will quickly demonstrate Snowflake’s added value and how it can benefit your organization

Data Lake and DW Using Snowflake

Explore data lake concepts, best practices and benefits. Engage and utilize our expertise in implementation

Migration to Snowflake

Migrate your data to Snowflake from Hadoop, SQL Server,
Oracle or RedShift

Cloud-based Analytics

Integrate multi-cloud and on-premises data to provide clean, secure, governed data for analytics


Learn how to create a data-driven strategy and harness the power of AI to maximize insight driven opportunities using Snowflake.

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