As the organizations seek to re-open their business and shape new operation models during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to protect the health and well-being of the employees, customers, and partners. Be it an office, manufacturing unit, cafes, warehouse, stores, hotels, or any other type of business, your office space must inspire trust and confidence. Bringing your employees back to work safely requires resilience, adaptability, and reinvention, which is exactly why we built   Return to Workplace (RTW) Solution.

WinWire’s Return to Workplace Solution, built using Microsoft Healthcare Bot, helps enterprises in making their workspaces safe and resilient for employees.  The solution is available on Azure Marketplace.


Key Features – Return to Workplace Solution

Cloud Assessment Tool

AI-powered solution creates phased return-to-workplace plan

Supports employee wellness & engagement

Cloud Assessment Tool

Provides real-time readiness data

Integrates with Microsoft Teams and other systems

Find your way forward

WinWire’s Return to Workplace solution uses Microsoft bot framework and PowerApps to design and create a workplace that assesses employees’ readiness, the work environment, contact tracing, and monitors critical risk factors. The pre-configured multi-lingual bot solution will enable employers to get actionable insights to understand the risk level posed by its employee through an intuitive, comprehensive dashboard to act proactively.

How does it work?

Cloud Assessment Tool

Perform self-screening 
of the employees

Cloud Assessment Tool

Generates ticket to the employee
and notifies
the manager

Generates actionable
real-time insights

Cloud Assessment Tool

Control the flow of
employees in the office


Return to Workplace solution enables an employee-centric and safe transition.

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