Quality Assurance/Testing is imperative for enduring competitive advantage

The digital landscape is transforming customer experience, where superior services is the key differentiator between winning and partaking. To cope with the mounting customer expectations, enterprises are driven to deliver software faster and better. However, systems of record inhibit the speed, and decelerates the transformation process. To beat this slowdown, enterprises are adopting Lean Principles, Agile and DevOps, but at the heart of it all is Quality Assurance (QA), which is primary source for competitive differentiation & advantage.

Elevate your QA practice leveraging new age Testing methodologies

Accelerate Your Time to Market with WinWire's Quality Assurance Services

At WinWire, we optimize quality and performance, aligning IT to business, for enduring success.  Our QA practice emphasizes on operational efficiency, speed to market, cost efficiency and superior quality. With clear goals, structured approach, governance, reusable artifacts, frameworks and expertise we assure a best-in-class transformational journey.

End-to-end test consulting to improve the quality of services.

  • Set up Testing Labs
  • Set up UAT Process
  • Set up Testing CoE
  • Optimize Resource Allocation
  • Identify and Onboard right skillset
Testing Services

Our proficiency in testing assures a lowered development cost and our automated systems supports across all types of hardware and software to ensure your testing was successful.

  • Automation Framework
  • Mobile and Web Application Automation
  • Performance bench marking
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Scalability Testing
QA Services

In addition to Functional & System Integration Testing we offer the below specialized testing service.

  • Mobility Testing
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Infrastructure Testing
  • Security Testing
  • API Testing
  • ETL/DB Testing
  • Accessibility (ADR) Testing
  • Power BI Testing
Application Support Services

We ensure all your applications are operational providing a seamless experience to your business.

  • Experience in both custom and out-of-box solutions
  • Consulting and advisory services in analysis & design, automation, governance, etc.
  • Fine tuning and performance improvement in the database
  • Digital transformation from legacy to latest technologies
  • Offerings in SharePoint, IoT, Dynamics 365, Azure, BI, .Net, Mobility, UX
Cloud Services

Many organizations are rapidly moving towards cloud computing to gain advantage in better scalability, high reliability and reduced costs.

  • Migration from on-premise to cloud platforms in Azure/O365
  • Set up of new Azure subscriptions and configuring of servers
  • Guidance in strategy and design, security, control, deployments for Hybrid model
  • Integrated portals for efficient collaboration
  • Advanced capabilities in Power BI reports, Azure ML, Azure data lake, etc.
Infrastructure Services

We help organizations build a reliable, flexible and secure infrastructure

  • Recommendations for better security, optimization and scalability
  • Design & architect solutions for farm upgrades
  • Manage users and groups using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Disaster recovery & backup mechanism for critical applications
  • Configure and setup the sync mechanism across system

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