In today’s world, large volumes of data and healthcare records are continuously generated, but their value is severely undermined by our inability to transform them into knowledge and insights and make decisions.

WinWire offers a Knowledge Mining Solution to understand, learn, analyze, unify large volumes of data to uncover hidden insights and find relationships and patterns at scale. The solution is available on Azure Marketplace    and is a gold winner  in Most Innovative Product of the Year – Healthcare and Medical   category in the 10th annual Best in Biz Awards.



Key Features

Knowledge Mining

Reduce time taken for clinical research

Data Mining

Enrichment of search meta-data on advanced search

Knowledge Mining Solution

Compliant service


Powered by Azure and Power Platform

Unlock your healthcare data to deliver better care

Microsoft Azure and AI/NLP powered Knowledge Mining solution extracts information from structured and unstructured data stored in different sources to deliver actionable insights and improve search & findability of health outcomes.

The knowledge-mining process will ingest all the EMRs, doctor’s notes, medical sources, devices outputs and enrich those medical terms to ICD-100-CM and RxNorm codes.

Knowledge Mining solution

Knowledge Mining Solution

Knowledge mining solution accelerator with extensible Azure framework

Knowledge Mining

Uses Power Platform & Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to provide seamless integration with ICD-10-CM and RxNorm to extract medical information

Knowledge Mining

Accelerator includes Azure cognitive search,  text analytics for health, and entity linking graph

Knowledge Mining Solution

Uses Azure Media Services AI solution to perform deep search on audio & video

Customer Story

A leading health content provider uses a Knowledge Mining solution to improve its search platform’s findability & elevate customer experience

Improve healthcare outcomes through Knowledge Mining

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