Microsoft recently clarified its decision to phase out support for previous versions of Dynamics AX including:

  • Dynamics AX 2012 R2
  • Dynamics AX 2012 R1
  • Dynamics AX 2012
  • Dynamics AX 2009 Service pack 1

Microsoft has been only providing security hotfix updates. But effective October 12, 2021, no more security updates will be provided.

Full support for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 will also be ending effective October 12, 2021.  After this point, only security hotfixes will be provided until 2023 when all support will end.

Benefits of Migrating to the Dynamics 365 Cloud

This gives customers a huge push to migrate to the Dynamics 365 cloud platform. One major advantage to migrating is that the Dynamics 365 platform is now a single version which will never go out of support. Updates are delivered monthly and features can be enabled or disabled individually.  This allows users to always be on the most recent release without dealing with the business disruption that major version upgrades often cause. Microsoft provides generous upgrade credit for the investment you have already made in Dynamics AX. WinWire can help determine the exact amount of the credit as well as calculate migration costs.

Upgrade tools are available to help move your data from AX2009 and AX2012 to the Dynamics 365 Platform. WinWire offers a Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS) upgrade package that leverages these tools as well as providing training and change management services.

WinWire’s MaaS can assist you in formulating a streamlined migration strategy to optimize workloads across the organization. It also enables the business to zero on to a standardized migration process to meet all IT requirements through pre-defined templates, proven engagement models, and communication strategies.

Migration as a Service

WinWire has a global reputation of being adept at auditing business’ existing content and then managing content migrations, irrespective of platform, on a global scale. We ensure that your valuable content gets migrated seamlessly, cost-effectively, and timely.

Please contact us to learn how WinWire can help your business transition through the end of Dynamics AX 2009 or 2012 support and help you migrate to the Dynamics 365 cloud.


Director-Dynamics 365