As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to paralyze the world, healthcare providers, at this critical time, are majorly challenged. A few of these challenges are to ensure their staff well-being, reduce the constant spike in call volume, manage the already strained staff, and to deliver the best medical care for their patients.

In this crisis, it is not only essential to provide care but to also provide information to help people make decisions and prevent health systems from being overwhelmed. WinWire is helping healthcare providers overcome this challenge by offering an AI-powered Healthcare Bot built leveraging Microsoft Bot Framework to assess risk for coronavirus, identify timely and relevant information on COVID-19. The Bot is listed as a featured app on Azure Marketplace   and is part of Microsoft’s #BuildFor2030 campaign. We are proud that our solution is supporting front-line workers and empowering communities.

COVID-19 Healthcare Bot

The bot solution helps you make decisions about the appropriate medical care on COVID-19

COVID-19 Healthcare Bot

The Bot solution helps you make decisions about the appropriate medical care on COVID-19

Strengthen Your Fight for COVID-19

WinWire has been working to help our customers, other healthcare providers remote triage, self-evaluate, and navigate patients who are healthy but worried, at-risk, and symptomatic.

The Bot uses automated software programming with recommendations from the CDC and WHO to provide accurate and updated information about COVID-19 and aids healthcare providers as an integrated alternative to in-person COVID-19 related medical services.

Key benefits 

Cloud Assessment Tool

Reduces the   contact
center burden

COVID-19 Assessment Tool

Protects  essential workers and
frontline staff

staff   productivity  


patient outcomes


AI-powered healthcare BOT is designed for healthcare organizations to identify timely and relevant information on COVID-19

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