Accelerate Data-driven Transformation with Azure

Analytics and AI have become a hot topic for businesses but unleashing the true potential of data with these technologies has proven challenging for organizations. Organizations are challenged in deriving deep insight from data, integration between data systems, security, managing diverse workloads, and the transition to digital technologies have majorly impacted the traditional analytical techniques.

Modernize, Migrate and Unify Your Legacy Data with Azure Synapse Analytics

Microsoft’s Azure Analytics brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics, migrating into a single unified experience. It deeply integrates with Azure Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Apache Spark, and Power BI to accelerate time-to-insight and optimize costs. Azure Synapse architecture allows enterprises to scale storage and compute levels independently.

WinWire, a Microsoft Azure Partner, provides end-to-end Data and AI services from advisory through engineering to intelligent data management solutions that leverage automation to manage and govern data.

Our “Data and AI” driven Digital Engineering approach allows organizations to unlock their market potential by enabling faster-contextualized decision making and deliver tangible business benefits.

Key Components of Azure Synapse

azure synapse analytics studio

Synapse SQL

Query and analyze data with T-SQL using both provisioned and serverless models

azure synapse studio

Apache Spark

Quickly create notebooks with your choice of Python, Scala, SparkSQL, and .NET for Apache Spark

azure synapse architecture

Synapse Pipelines

Creates rich data pipelines without using a separate orchestration engine

Azure Synapse Analytics

Synapse Studio

Execute all data tasks with a simple UI and unified environment

Our Offerings

Cloud Data Warehouse


Enable blue-print and roadmap of Data driven digital transformation for clients leveraging the power of Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Studio

BI Analytics

Dashboards and Reports with actionable insights to support business decisions from Azure Synapse

Limitless SQL Data Warehouse

Modern Data Platform

Define your modernization path by leveraging and Data warehouse augmentation, automation, and optimization on Azure Synapse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Unified Analytics

Unify and analyze data on streaming and aggregated data from your Data Lake and DW seamlessly using Azure Synapse Studio

limitless analytics service

Data Migration and Development

Ensure seamless development and accelerated migration life cycles for data warehouse ecosystems into Azure Synapse

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics, ML and AI

Integrate and prepare multi-cloud and on-premises data for AI and ML use cases and operationalize them using our ML Ops framework



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