AI ML Workathon 2021

WinWire has been judged as the winner at Microsoft’s   AI ML Workathon 2021, an exclusive event for Microsoft Partners across Services, ISV, ITeS, unmanaged, and recruit from all over India.

The judges chose our   WinVision AI Animal Healthcare Solution   It applies Azure Data Services, Azure Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, and AI technology to help farmers and veterinarians identify health issues at the initial stage, prevent outbreaks, and have healthy livestock.

The IoT-enabled solution uses sensors to gather data on carbon dioxide   presence, feed and water consumption, atmospheric shifts, and changes in animal weight. When combined with computer vision and audio, the solution leverages video, audio, and physical sensor data sources and analyzes herd behavior to detect illness, manage nutrition, and improve breeding.

It helps in a significant reduction in unanticipated and unnecessary livestock losses and a reduction in animal-borne diseases that can infect the human population.